Spacious Rooms

All rooms are spacious and comfortable with 5 clean rooms.
Modern Bathrooms

Clean Washrooms with modern amenities.
Sit-outs Available

Watch the beauty resting on the sit –outs.
Spacious Corridors

The Corridors are long and spacious for kids to hop around.
Water (Hot/Cold)

Bathing facilities both hot and cold water available.
Dining area 

Dining area is away from rooms and is favourable.
Choose Food

Both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian available.
 Laundry Service

There is no need to worry about the cloths discipline.
 Eco Friendly

The surrounding environment is very quiet and Eco-friendly.
 Good Greenery

There are lot of plants and trees to give a colourful picture.
Play Ground

There is vast area for children to play within the compound.
 Car Parking area

Enough place to park your vehicles within the area.