Keloth Tharavadu

In a location that is so exquisite, with a view so scenic, and an atmosphere so enchanting. The Keloth Tharavadu is a heaven where the wondrous who inhabit every day. We at Keloth Tharavadu bring to you a Heritage home (Tharavaadu) which is 300 yrs old and which is a mixture of tradition Architecture and culture. Tharavaadu is an ancestral home which belonged to the bygone forefathers. Here, Keloth Tharavadu... a very disciplined tharavaadu is kept undisturbed for us to enjoy its beauty and peacefulness.This place is very vibrant and they have many rooms for the tourist and travellers to spend their holidays.Where mind and body return to total harmony, and where your journey to inner peace and self-discovery can begin.
There is no doubt that the tourists and travellers will love the place and will happily want to spend their valuable holidays at Keloth Tharavadu with their family and friends. It is said that the Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja (also known as Cotiote Rajah or Pychy Rajah) stayed here for few days. And so it is a place worth to stay at whether you are reminiscing about the past or creating a new beginning, we invite you here away from the busy world to conquer peace and rest.